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Neutral approach

At Norfolk Environmental Credits, we are ready to invest in environmental schemes which provide nutrient neutrality mitigation

This will enable us to create units of credits which we can sell to developers. We are sourcing mitigation from across Norfolk,
including nature-based solutions and improvements to the wastewater system.

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Make a difference

Environmental schemes we wish to invest in

If you have a proposal for a scheme that will deliver nutrient credits neutralising phosphorus and/or nitrogen, especially in any of the following categories please get in touch:

Nature based solutions

  • Riparian buffer strips
  • Constructed wetlands

Run-off management solutions

  • Change of land use
  • Winter cover crops

Wastewater management solutions

  • Conversion of septic tanks to Package Treatment Plants
  • We are interested if you represent several septic tank sites

Demand management solutions

  • Retrofitting water efficiency fittings
  • Specifically implemented local authority or registered housing provider

Specialised areas

Working across the catchment

Nutrient neutrality mitigation has to be secured upstream of any development on the River Wensum and prior to the additional nutrient load entering the special areas of conservation in the Bure, Ant, Thurne and the Broads.

It may be that you have a great scheme, but it just isn’t in the right place at the moment. This may change in the future.

river wensum norwich

Our focus

Future mitigation opportunities in Norfolk

Biodiversity net gain and carbon credits are potential products we are looking to purchase and trade in the future, but our focus at
present is around nutrient neutrality.

faqs background

Straightforward process to sell your mitigation 

The process of selling acceptable mitigation can be difficult, to ensure you meet all the regulatory requirements. We can help you with some of these, so if you would like to discuss this further, please get in touch via this form: 

E.g. postcode, coordinates, what3words

Your personal information will be used to process your enquiry, please see our privacy policy for more details.