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Nutrient Neutral Development

We’ve made it easier in Norfolk
with Norfolk Environmental Credits

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Development in Norfolk needs to progress. Property developers in impacted areas must meet Nutrient Neutrality standards by law. Buying Norfolk Environmental Credits will address your nutrient requirements.

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Nutrient Positive Programme?

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We’re making it easier to be Nutrient Neutral in Norfolk

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Credits in Norfolk
What is Nutrient Neutrality?
  • It’s a legal standard set by the government which came into force for parts of Norfolk in March 2022, to address the impact of development on the environment and in certain water courses. It requires that development projects don’t have a detrimental impact on water quality. Norfolk Environmental Credits will help developers offset the impact of development on water quality. The map below will help you check if your development is impacted.

More about nutrient neutrality

How credits contribute to sustainability
  • Your credits will support designated projects in Norfolk which reduce nitrogen and phosphorous levels in our rivers. With Norfolk Environmental Credits, developers can buy 0.1kg of phosphorus or nitrogen credits to mitigate the matching impact of each development. More detailed information will be provided when you apply.
What else can a developer do?

In addition to buying credits, you need to act to minimise wastewater, surface water discharges and reduce water demand.  Other options would be to provide your own wastewater treatment through nature-based solutions. Your local planning department contacts can advise on opportunities to reduce the nutrient load, as well as other planning matters.

Nutrient Positive Programme

Norfolk Environmental Credits is in a position to invest in projects that reduce the nutrient load on our rivers. It can support the delivery of these projects through the purchase of the measurable nutrient reductions of phosphorous and nitrogen. This additional funding may help a currently unviable programme become viable. The next step is to contact the team so they can establish how Norfolk Environmental Credits can help.