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Thoughtful buying

We sell nutrient neutrality credits which you can buy in 0.1 kg units of phosphorous

Our nutrient neutrality credits for the Yare catchment are currently priced at £3,650+VAT for permanent credits and £2,500+VAT for temporary credits valid until 1 April 2030. These costs are for 0.1kg/yr Total Phosphorus (inclusive of the nitrogen mitigation needed for your development site).

Payment for credits will be required upfront.

Pricing reflects the cost of securing mitigation over the lifespan of the credit, future credit prices will vary dependant on the mitigation schemes secured. The latest change in credit pricing reflects the final amount of nutrient mitigation secured from our first scheme in the Yare catchment.

Not all the development in Norfolk is affected by nutrient neutrality requirements. Please see our map showing the areas affected.

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We can help

First credits in the Yare catchment

Norfolk Environmental Credits is currently trading its first round of nutrient credits. These credits are specifically created to offset nutrients resulting from new projects in the Yare catchment area.

Credits were initially released to a small number of larger development sites to ensure the long term financial security of the company. The focus has now switched to prioritise sites with the lowest phosphate needs that have faced the most extended delays due to nutrient neutrality; to help support smaller developers.

Regardless of the catchment area or your level of demand, we still want developers of any size, including those recently added to the planning pipeline, to continue to register their interest using our form below.

We will get in touch with prioritised developers and promoters to discuss credit allocations and the steps involved.

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Getting started

Step 1: Calculate your Credits

The Norfolk Budget Calculator has been designed to help Norfolk developers work out the nutrient loads their new housing schemes will create.

This confirms the nutrient neutrality credits you need to purchase to ensure there is no detrimental impact on phosphorus and nitrogen levels in Norfolk rivers.

The calculator is specific to Norfolk and Natural England was consulted on its background assumptions. You can find out more about how to use the calculator below.

The Norfolk budget calculator

How to use the calculator

Try the calculator

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Step 2: Register your interest in purchasing nutrient neutrality credits

Please complete the following form:

Is nutrient neutrality the only condition holding up your application?*

If credits were available

Your personal information will be used to process your enquiry, please see our privacy policy for more details.

Step 3: NEC will contact you once credits are available for your development site.

Currently credits are only available for the Yare catchment.

Credits will be distributed across the eligible Local Authority areas within the catchment. Those development sites requiring the lowest phosphorus mitigation will be prioritised.

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Step 4: Confirmation

Once contacted by NEC with an option to purchase credits you will need to:

  • Confirm to NEC the exact final quantum of phosphorus and nitrogen mitigation you will need for your development site. It is the developer’s responsibility to ensure the Local Planning Authority are in agreement with these figures.
  • Sign and return the Credit Purchase Agreement provided by NEC, which will set out the quantum and cost of the mitigation being purchased, the development site the credits pertain to (note: these are non-transferrable) and the earliest date of occupation for the development.

Step 5: Receipt & Payment

On receipt of your signed Credit Purchase Agreement, NEC will issue you with and invoice for the full cost of the credits.

Once the invoice has been paid, NEC will issue:

  • A Credit Certificate to confirm credits have been purchased.
  • A Technical Mitigation Report outlining the mitigation scheme underpinning the credits.
  • A Shadow Strategic Appropriate Assessment as the basis for a Habitat Regulations Assessment in relation to water quality implications arising from the development.

Step 6: Proceed to Planning Application

You can present the package of documents to the Local Planning Authority to enable your planning application to be determined.

Note: this is the process for the acquisition of credits and you will need to liaise with the relevant Local Planning Authority regarding the process of securing planning permission once the credits have been purchased.

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